Old Australian Food Recipes

A large collection of delicious old Australian food recipes copied from private family papers plus aussie humour, poetry, pictures, icons, tourism, wines.


Vegan Kitchen

Produced as part of the Vegan Family House website, this site contains vegan recipes from soups to chocolate bars - all available in printable format. All recipes are free of meat, egg and dairy products.


Cooking Up Reading


Fresh for Kids


Cooking With Kids

Simple recipes that kids can make and eat. Clear and easy-to-follow diagrams accompany recipe instructions.


Have a Rice Day Cafe

Website all about rice.


Can and Aerosol News

This Australian site contains a range of educational information about the history of canned food, how food is canned as well as the recycling process and quality control.



As part of the Parmalat (Paul's Milk) site, this page contains many recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. 


Vegemite rules

Provides information about the history, development, nutritional value of Vegemite spread along with recipes, a song and school projects