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Behind the Chair - Magazine is about beauty and hair, become a member to get a range of benefits. They have some articles on the student page also.


Vogue Magazine - this is a link to the Australian online site of the magazine Vogue. There is free registration to be a member of Club Vogue.


Free Beauty Tips this site offers advice on a variety of beauty topics including hair and skin care, applying makeup and removing blemishes. There is also a page of information on Home-made beauty recipes.


DermNet - Website of the New Zealand Dermatological Society, providing information about the skin for health professionals and the public. Includes information on diseases and treatments as well as links to health organisations around the world.


WebMD Skin and Beauty Centre - a medical database with health related skin and beauty information.


Encyclopaedia How to use the site - type in search term such as skin care and then look to the left of the screen for links. When you click on a link, scroll down the page, the site is unfortunately littered with advertisements


Absolutely Gorgeous - This is a product site, however its tips page may be helpful


Acne Cure Review This site is very informative on a variety of [American] products for sale with testimonials and other information regarding adult acne and scarring. A great read


Natural Health Organics - This Australian based product site has many natural products and a few helpful articles


Beauty Tip Secrets - is an eBook sold in PDF format, ($17). You can sign up for 29 Beauty Tips to be sent to your inbox. Clicking on the Articles links will send you to an external SafeTan site.


Ultimate Cosmetics - Skin Type - The pages are quite lengthy but informative with colour pictures. Scroll down past the Google ads. There are some great pictures on different styles as well as some at home tips and recipes. See also Facial MassageFace MasksBlush: Blusher & Makeup Tips





myDr - Skin and Hair Health Centre - this site has information resources from the MIMS database relating to health topics.


First Chair.com  - First Chair is the source for beauty school students and new stylists who aspire to become successful professional hairstylists. Choose the topics below or view all articles for cosmetology students here


Free Beauty Tips - Hairstyles - Fairly good pictures, only a small amount of "How to's"


The Hairstyler - This site has some photos and "How to's" a great start to choosing a style. If you click on the "Try On" link, it takes you to a Virtual Hairstyler Demo where a photo can be uploaded, (a rating for suitability is at the top of the picture)


Ultimate Cosmetics - Punk Hairstyles - Male and female punk hair styles, the page is quite lengthy but informative with (mostly) colour pictures. Scroll down past the Google ads





Australian Professional Fingernail Association - APFA believes the fingernail industry is a rewarding career and profession, one which can carry you from Nail Technician to Educator, Competition Judge and Assessor, as well as Trade Show demonstrator and many other rolls within the diverse industry. APFA is the only body solely designed to serve the interests of the fingernail industry, including Technicians, Educators, Distributors and Students


Healthy Fingernails - this page has information on nails; how to look after them and what causes damage. there are also other links that you might find useful.


Nail Care - an easy to use site with information on Nail problems, 'Dressing Up' nails and another section dealing with hand tattoos and a list of terms. There is also a smalll picture gallery of nails.


NailTips.com.au - a Forum for discussing everything Nails, its interesting site and worth a look.


Nail Technician's Tips for Health and Safety.  - A comprehensive look at Occupational Health and Safety for Nail Technicians.


Ultimate Cosmetics - Nail Care -The page is quite lengthy but informative with colour pictures. Scroll down past the Google ads. There are some great pictures on different styles as well as some at home tips and recipes. The page also features nail disease and deteriorations, watch out for the pictures.


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